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Free consultation to discuss options to get out of debt with a licensed Trustee in bankruptcy, administrator of consumer proposals and credit counselor
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Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. can help take the stress out of dealing with financial problems. Our caring professionals are trained and licensed to help deal with your financial problems, through listening, understanding your unique situation, answering questions and helping find the right solution.

Often the best way to begin resolving your financial problems is to talk to a professional to learn your options, dispel myths and get advice. Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. offers a FREE confidential consultation to help you regain control of your finances. A Free consultation may be scheduled in person or by telephone but are always conducted by a professional at NO cost or obligation. Find out how to get out of debt now!

Proposals How they help

Consumer proposals are the number one, Federally governed and legal, alternative to bankruptcy. They allow people experiencing financial difficulty to reduce their debt(s), stop interest and collection activity by substituting a proposal for their existing contracts. Proposals are often written to provide for monthly payments over a fixed period of time. Upon the completion of a proposal an individual will be free from their unsecured debts.

Myths about Bankruptcy

A lot of the information you hear about bankruptcy is far from accurate. Most are simply myths about bankruptcy and dealing with debt. Some of this information is simply based on situations taken out of context, while other myths are intentionally spread to create fear and confusion to discourage people from learning their options. You’ve heard the myths now get the facts.



Will I lose my house if I file for bankruptcy?

No, you will not lose your house when you file for bankruptcy, on the condition your mortgage payments are up to date and kept current.

Can bankruptcy help with income tax debt?

Yes, income tax debt can be discharged through the bankruptcy and proposal processes.


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To get out of debt take the following three steps.


  • Call tel:+1-888-371-8900 to Schedule a FREE confidential consultation.

  • 2.

  • Learn your options and have your questions answered.

  • 3.

  • Decide which option is best for you and become debt free.