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Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. is a bankruptcy and insolvency firm who provides financial solutions to individuals and businesses experiencing financial problems throughout the Maritimes.

Allan D. Marshall is the President of Allan Marshall & Associates Inc and has been working in the insolvency industry since 1972.  Mr. Marshall opened an independent insolvency firm in 1982 which is today incorporated under the name “Allan Marshall & Associates Inc”. Allan Marshall & Associates Inc remains independent from the national “chain” firms, in an effort to better provide personal services at a reasonable cost.

We, at Allan Marshall & Associates Inc specialize in insolvency matters and are licensed as a Trustee by the Federal Government to administer bankruptcies, consumer proposals, receiverships and more.  Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LITs) are also known as Bankruptcy Trustees but do not only deal with Bankruptcies.  A Trustee can provide individuals and businesses with advice on all the options available to them as well as counselling through their debt problems.

The caring professionals at Allan Marshall & Associates Inc have the knowledge and experience to assess your situation and will offer the right advice and information to respond to your specific situation.

If you are having financial problems, call today for a free confidential consultation.

Our Commitment to you

Allan Marshall & Associates Inc is committed to providing accurate, responsive, practical advice and services, in a caring and professional manner.

We believe everyone in the Maritimes deserves the same professional advice, whether they work part-time for minimum wage or are the CEO of a large company.

If you think that’s just marketing, come in and see for yourself. We offer a free, no cost or obligation consultation to anyone in our areas who are having problems with their debts.

We Can Help! ®

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